kennychailatte In 160 Characters Or Less

I’m going to compile a list of things that have occurred to me in the past couple of weeks in 160 characters or less (a standard text).

kennychailatte in 160 characters or less, on:

#fulltimework: Avoid if possible, unless you find something you truly love. Pass time by spreading office rumors about your co-workers by the water cooler.

#parttimework: Minimum of 10 hours isn’t too bad. Secretly hoping for a ‘Night At The Museum’ scenario.

#interning: Getting published fills you with a false sense of validation when you realise you’re not getting paid. Good work experience though.

#volunteering: Help your goddamn self! It’s not that hard.

#money: Good when you’ve got it, bad when you don’t, ugly when you’re bent over selling yourself because you want another pair of suede shoes.

#Sydney: Lovely weather. Palm trees. Surprising amount of people running and exercising in the city during the day. Don’t they have jobs?

#laundry: If your whites turn pink because of a pair of red shorts, bleach it, pronto!

#studying: Get an office. Although be warned, you will probably use it for sleeping, sex, Youtube videos and entertaining your friends during fake “consultation hours”.

#publictransport: Expensive. Unreliable. Usually smells like body odour and urine. Avoid eye contact with people foaming at the mouth.

#davidsedaris: Read ‘Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk’. Brilliant. Laugh-out-loud-on-the-train-like-a-crazy-person funny.

#onlineshopping: Stay away from this. Having a card that links straight to your bank account is like asking to get raped.

#relationships: Don’t date or sleep with somebody who has a partner. Threesomes are fun, but somebody will probably end up getting hurt.

#technology: iPad 2. Want.

#family: Adding subtle amounts of vodka to your soft-drink at family functions is a great idea.

#friends: Even though you don’t see them as much as you’d like, you know that when you call, they’ll answer. And everything will be okay.

#travel: Cambodge, Cambodge, Cambodge!

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