kennychailatte In 160 Characters Or Less #2

Oh yeah, I have a blog. Here’s a quick update on what’s happening in 160 characters or less (a standard text).

kennychailatte in 160 characters or less, on:

#harrypotter: Who knew that most of the cast would grow up to be babes? Potter money well spent. Also,—spoiler—Lord Voldemort dies.

#brunswickst: The close proximity of four bottle-shops is a dangerous game of “How many days can you be drunk for?” and “U A BROKE BITCH NOW, BITCH!”

#university: The end is nigh, the end is nigh! Yet to complete semester one but getting there slowly. Will exploit University resources for as long as I can.

#tutankhamun: Welcome to the Tomb of Mysteries; please move into the bays, shut up and enjoy the exhibition—also, don’t lick the fucking glass, shitheads. Seriously. 

#carbontax: I like breathing, thanks.

#butteredcatparadox: Buttered toast always lands buttered side down. Cats always land on their feet. Strap buttered toast onto back of cats. Perpetual motion will power windmills?

#spasticcolon: LOL

#love: “Get dressed, and get out.”

#battlestargalactica: Frak! Going through season two again and forgot how brilliant the script is. So say we all!

#technology: iPhone volume key has fallen off. Headphones jack does not work. Strange blue lines across screen. Sometimes does not receive calls.

#publictransport: Fare-evading keeps me on my toes. Catching the tram for three stops is not “lazy”, it’s effective time-management.

#volunteering: I’m gonna help build a school in Cambodia. And teach kids about Lady Gaga.

#socialmedia: Don’t be a douchebag. We can all see you being a douchebag. Removing contacts is just as important as making them. Also, learn to ‘share’.

#google+: What? I can’t wait to make a circle just for assholes.

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2 thoughts on “kennychailatte In 160 Characters Or Less #2

  1. Gemma says:

    laaarrve it

  2. Mr Chai Latte! I found your blog. You should write more.

    Good to meet you Friday. You are a patient man – Friday night post-office drunkards can be trying at the best of times.

    Stay in touch.


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