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The @MariahCarey Project: Day 6

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The @MariahCarey Project: Day 5

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Horny For Horticulture

I’ve tried planting my own things before, but like most hobbies I’ve started, I’ve ended up abandoning them after a few weeks (see: exercise). Not this time! Over the past few days, I’ve been totally horny for horticulture and have been potting some herbs and plants on our kitchen windowsill (the only place in the house that gets the most natural sunlight). I think the thing I love most about horticulture is how meticulous you have to be to produce the best results, and then getting to use that freshness in your cooking (herbs from the supermarket are ridiculously expensive and you never need as much as they sell you). I also love having a bit more green around the house; plants makes things feel a lot more homely.

There’s some rosemary, parsley and mint.

I also got to go to Subscape Aquarium today on Victoria st, Richmond which I’m slightly embarrassed to say, WAS SO MUCH FUN AND I WANT TO GO EVERY DAY because aquatic life (including plants) are so darn beautiful. The employees there are amazingly knowledgeable and super helpful so I recommend this place if you ever want to get fish (stay away from Pet’s Paradise). I got a nice java fern attached to some driftwood (which will continue to grow) and my fish are loving the shit out of it. And I also got some live bloodworms (they are currently in the freezer next to my Maxibons) which they also go apeshit for. Ah, fish life!

Driftwood with java fern at the back and I bought a little terracotta pot for the other one (so cute).

And finally, I found a jar to build my terrarium in! It’s long and medium-sized and I’m so excited and holy shitsnacks, WHO EVEN AM I ANYMORE?

It has the word “FOWLER’S No 27” at the bottom.

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