12 Years Later And We Still Have Laughter

When I say that “I know a lot of people” I don’t mean to sound like an arrogant arsehole or somebody who collects Facebook friends to look cool. In my short life, I’ve made friends (and even better friends), had lovers, met acquaintances, danced with random people in bars in Cambodia and sunk beers out of styrofoam cups with the majority of Arts students at Melbourne University. I know a lot of people, but there are only a handful of people I am still great friends with who have known me right from the beginning when I was pimply-faced teenager wearing a navy blue school blazer seven sizes too big for him.

My friend Mxlxssx and I sat on the same table in highschool twelve years ago and is one of the only few people lucky enough to be able to claim this sentiment. It’s a really lovely thought that as young adults now, we still find common ground in our lives where we dream the big dream and are still able to laugh at virtually anything (mostly YouTube videos of models falling on catwalks). Mxlxssa inspires me and challenges me to be a more creative person with my writing, drawing and photography and has been a part of the reason why this blog and my photography have made a sudden reappearance. To show my gratitude, I will not do her the disservice of uploading a photo of us from the last day of Year 12, but here is a photo of Mxlxssx (below) I took last week.

I hope to take more photographs like this of my friends and family, so I hope you won’t shy away when you see me with a camera in my hands. BECAUSE Y’ALL MEAN SO MUCH TO ME! (WINK).

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