Joining The Party Six Months Latte: Hey June (2012)

Most people are sleeping right now, snuggled warmly and contently in their beds, dreaming about happy things and/or their teeth falling out of their mouths. I’m awake and cold and my fingers feel a little bit numb, but I feel inspired and I haven’t felt inspired or creative in a depressingly long time. I created this blog almost two years ago because I wanted to keep up with my writing (as good or as bad as it might be) but this, as you can see, is my first post for 2012. Yeah, I kind of fell off the literary bandwagon and never got back on it; this is actually the first piece of non-academic or professional writing I’ve done in almost a year.

With a few encouraging drinks last week, I felt like it was time. When I tentatively logged in a few hours ago, I immediately wanted to destroy everything; my blog and my posts looked and felt outdated, like they had actually been collecting dust. Instead of running away and watching a re-run of Archer, I trashed 61 posts (kept three) and I changed the theme. I felt better. I already felt like I was ready to write again.

These past four months when I was doing nothing I was actually feeling quite directionless—and with that I guess comes a lot of guilt and shame (#firstworldproblems). I had grand plans to do this, to do that, to be that guy. My ambition and motivation dwindled before my eyes, and I only really saw that happen as I unwrapped and ate the seventh Maxibon for the week IN MY BED (alone).

I’m only just reminding myself now that I actually worked my sweatshopping-arse off last year because for some reason, it’s easy to forget; I interned, I volunteered, I pretended to give a shit at Tutankhamun, I moved out of home (again), I studied my Masters full-time, I helped build a school in Cambodia. I did good in 2011, real good. And I know that I can do it again even though it’s June (yuck, so “glass half-full”). There is change in the air guys, good change, and I’m preparing myself to ride that wave real high (but not too far because I’m not a strong swimmer).

So this is my second attempt at kennychailatte at WordPress dot com. I want to fill it with writing, with photos I’ve taken, with funny musings and drawings of people I do on the tram (because that’s what hipsters apparently do these days), with outrageous things my friends say and great music you should dance to.

Here’s hoping you’ll tune in, friends.

With love,

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4 thoughts on “Joining The Party Six Months Latte: Hey June (2012)

  1. realsarahf says:

    Glad to have you back.

  2. Bhakthi says:


  3. boobpop says:

    I hope you saved those old posts somewhere safe. It may sound outdated now but man never gained anything by deleting history.

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